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Welcome to "Volcano Stamps of the World"

This site celebrates volcanoes and stamps.

There are around 14,000 postage stamps in the world showing volcano features.
The first was released in Nicaragua in 1862.
Since then, 260 countries have released volcano stamps.
They are all here in image galleries to see.


But don't just be a passive observer. Share your own stories of volcanoes and/or stamps. Chat with others, make connections, learn things and help make this an enjoyable interactive site.

Here's a good yarn. I stumbled upon an official mailbox on the rim of Yasur volcano in Vanuatu in 2012. I could theoretically send a postcard home, but the mailbox was completely battered by semi-regular lava bombs ejected from the crater below. It was a warning - concentrate less on postcards and more on dodging lava bombs!

Find an interesting stamp in the galleries, copy it to the Discussion Board and tell us why you like it or what you've learned from it.

Help our quest to create an entire first year university geology course (via images) using only volcano stamps. It's a bit mad, but it's worth a go.

Image galleries
Share your stories & stamps
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Create a geology course from stamps
Start your own collection
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