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About me

This website was created by me, Glenn Marshall.

I live in Alice Springs, Australia. It is a wonderful place, but unfortunately is 2000km from the nearest active volcano (in Indonesia). I travel at least once a year to climb volcanoes, and fill in the time between by collecting volcano stamps.

I have collected volcano stamps since 2007. More info.


I have made this website for a few reasons:

  •  to capture all volcano stamps in one place. More info.

  •  let interested people browse the collection. More info.

  •  create a Discussion Board where people can add stories and talk with each other. More info.

My family and friends think my hobby is 'quaint', but I believe we should pursue a few strange things in our lifetimes. Enjoy.


Me atop my backyard volcano, on an officially sanctioned Australia Post 'My Stamp' issue published 2021.

Lillecrapp video

Watch 'Lillecrapp Volcano' erupt at my house.

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