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Buy a volcano t-shirt!

Join the cool people wearing one of our shirts.

$20 for Australian customers (which includes postage).


A bit more for international customers, depending where you live.

Choose whatever stamp image you want for your shirt.

Browse our TOP 100 here, or go to the galleries.

To make an order, email Glenn with the following info:

  • Shirt size - see the size chart below

  • Stamp image (cut and paste from our image galleries)

  • Your address (so I can work out postage)

Then I'll let you know payment details, and we proceed.

They are good quality shirts.

* I am setting up a drop-shipping page for this website so you can select and order directly online.


Matheus showing off his t-shirt
(just after he woke up)

Some of the designs you might make....choose your own stamp

Shirt Japan.jpg
Shirt Indonesia 1.jpg
Shirt Indonesia 2.jpg
Shirt Ras Al Khaima.jpg
Shirt Mozambique.jpg
Shirt Costa Rica.jpg
Shirt chart
Size chart.jpg
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